Anti-Hair Loss Care Tonic 120ml / 100% full refund if not ef

Anti-Hair Loss Care Tonic 120ml / 100% full refund if not ef

Anti-Hair Loss Care Tonic 120ml / 100% full refund if not ef
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    Anti-hair loss tonic

    – Capacity :120ml

    – New hair comes out after 40days.
    use Tonic with hair loss shampoo

    – Symptoms

    *Dandruff,itchiness,hair fals out  : within 15days recovery
    *Bald head : 90 to 180 days recovery
    *Make thin hair black and thicker : 90days recovery*thin hair : 90 to  180 days recovery
    *Female seborrheci :  90 to 180 days revcovery

    – Ingredients & efficiency

    • Korean Ginseng : the effect to stabilize scalp and increase hari is excellent.
    • Ginko leaves : imporve blood disorder by vasodilation and prevent thrombus.
    • Mulberry leaves : Lower blood glucose contents, expand peripheral blood vessel, and stimulate parasympathetic peripheral neves.
    • Ginseng leaves : promotes glycometabolism,lipid synthesis,and nucleic acid and protein synthesis
    • Sweet flags : action to soothe scalp and hair, spasmolytic action
    • Paeonia japonica (Makino) Miyabe et Takeda : action to sterlize and contrl bacteria of pathogenicity,angiectasis,and anti-inflammatory action
    • Licorice : anti inflammatory,antiulcer
    • Pleuropterus multiflorus TURCZ : promotes hari growth , black hair, and promotes the kidney and liver funcions.
    • Heartleaf Houttuynia,bluet : eradicates demodex folliculorum by the germicidal effect which is 1000 times higher than that of reaches penicillin.



    – How to use

    1. wash hair with tepid water.

    2. Pump HAIR JOY anti hair loss shampoo twice and rub to create lather forms.

    3. Letting bubbles sit on head for 5 minutes is essential.

    4. Dry ur hair with cool air.

    If you objective is to prevent hair loss and strengthen hair, this process is sufficient.

    If not, please use HAIR JOY Tonic with shampoo.

    5. After dry, sprinkle Tonic sufficiently on scalp an massage with fingertips.

    * Shampoo once per day and use Tonic four times per day.


    – Process


    – The result of using anti hair loss shampoo and tonic


     photo hair loss result_zpsokqdorpi.png

    If not effective, will refund you 100%

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